31st at NENI

NENI Berlin, my birthday, 26th of November 2014.

So how does one celebrate a 31st birthday? Well, one finally goes to one of Berlin’s hot-spots in the center of the capital which gathered already a serious number of followers from the time of opening till now. The name’s NENI \ Monkey bar, right on top of the Bikini Hotel, 10th floor to be more exact.

I booked a table for me and my partner to enjoy the view, music and supposedly good food. As always (or close enough), our train to Berlin was late and we couldn’t make it on time there. As soon as we arrived, we were greeted and were told that our table was given to someone else but they quickly found another table for us. To my surprise, I was warmly congratulated for my birthday with a lovely card and champagne which made me feel indeed as the birthday girl.

As my partner and myself were hungry, we proceeded to ask for the menu and we ordered. I chose something with a very biblical implication, the Jerusalem plate and a salad and he chose the healthy version of fries aka sweet potatoes and chicken with almond crust. We received the food in less than 10 minutes’ waiting, together with flat-bread. The food was nothing fancy but who needs fancy when you are enchanted by delicious smells and flavors? Everything was indeed very satisfying, well cooked and I really got the feeling I was a time traveler who had the chance to taste a little bit of Jerusalem’s cooking from 2000 years ago.

The atmosphere was cozy, the lights dim, the temperature warm and the food tasty. We also had a lovely view of Berlin and its night sky while indulging in those big yummy portions.

To my surprise, I discovered that the family who founded the NENI restaurant and the Monkey Bar are also part Romanian which brought joy and a small boost of inner pride. I know too well how creative and resilient Romanians are and how many of us are extremely successful abroad doing business.

Of course, the NENI is or should not be visited on a daily basis but kept as something special for an occasion, for the weekend or for when you feel you need to remind yourself how lucky you are to be alive.

I  enjoyed the little birthday touch they added. This is good customer service, right here. At the NENI I felt festive, I felt like I treated myself and my partner to something else so I am glad that I decided to spend my birthday evening there.

The Monkey Bar was absolutely packed so I didn’t have the chance to sample the drinks there but hopefully during my next Berlin visit I will manage to squeeze myself between all those happy people who enjoy drinks from a serious height.

I recommend the restaurant for all of us who want to see yet another side of the ever amazing Berlin and who are not afraid to spend a little more for some luxury moments in such a nice place. I like the concept and the presentation, it felt like having discovered an oasis in the middle of the hectic rhythm of our lives, an oasis full of comfort, plants and warmth, with good service and music to let yourself get lost in.

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