Back at Leipzig’s Book Fair

As you may know, Leipzig’s Book Fair took place between the 12th and the 15th of March and we were also there as accredited press. This is one of the best occasions to combine business with pleasure as we get to meet so many amazing and talented people, and to reconnect with Romania’s Ministry of Culture.

As always, at international and cultural events, Romania is present, making us all proud of our culture, literature and our prized writers. We were all so happy to see Mircea Cărtărescu’s success, as he was acclaimed and applauded in Germany and to discover in the German newspapers all those articles about him. There is so much more to Romania than meets the eye and our literature can easily compete with others all over the world and stand the test of time.


We went to meet and spend a bit of time with our very own Ministry of Culture’s representatives. Kind and welcoming, they were fortunately also very busy, as many people stopped by our stand and asked for information, asked about the writers, as well as “Are the books here for sale?” All the books were displayed for our viewing pleasure only, as most of them could be purchased from a bookstore right across the hallway.


As my time was short, I couldn’t come back for a special reading event yesterday, but I felt like a piece of home was brought to Leipzig, curtsy of these very nice people. Our people. There are in Romania people who know what words, books and literature are about, who love people who love culture, who support creative initiatives and anything different which would engage our youth. They should be more in the spotlight, instead of some so-called “non-values”, promoted by TV chains and internet. Why has the book lost some of its value and excitement? Its very name comes from the Greek word “biblio”(Greek βιβλίο) which makes us think about, yes, the Bible. So we should maybe cherish them more, after all, there is a lot of hard work, wisdom and knowledge between their pages.

As avid readers, we will always try to promote culture, our culture as well as the international one, believing in its power to heal, create and build characters. Please visit and become a living part of culture!


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