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Ok, so I visited the famous bar The Clumsies located at the very heart of Athens, a lively beautiful bustling city. I was there almost two months ago, so maybe you’re wondering why I chose to write about my experience so much time later. Well, it’s quite simple. 

First of all, I went there one more time without announcing my visit, just to see if the service was different or if anything changed. Second of all, I wanted to see how much of it I could still remember, once the excitement faded away and I was once more absorbed in everyday life. Answer? I remember almost all of it. The setting, the drinks and most importantly, the atmosphere. And they treated me just the same as the first time : with smiles and politeness. 

Before I chose this year’s bar to write about, I did thoroughly my homework and scouted a few well- rated places in Athens. But this one caught my eye. It’s central but not so easily found, if it’s your first time there. It’s s little bit like opening a mystery door and not knowing what’s behind it. 

So, as I entered, I felt like Alice in Wonderland, following the rabbit down the imaginary hole. Because I was there in the evening, the lights were dim, there was a sweet slow buzzing of people enjoying their drinks and music in the background, played by some DJs.

First time there, they knew I was coming, so I was taken immediately at a booked table and was offered the menus to have a look at. 

Of course, what caught my eye was their new cocktails menu, which looks straight out of an alchemy book. Cool names, affordable prices and interesting mixes. All of these cocktails are created around the concept of Time, Past, Present and Future. It actually revolves around “The Theory of Relativity“.


I, of course, was more than curios to try such a drink and I can only recommend it, if you want to have your taste buds ambushed by subtle flavors and good alcohol. 

I also enjoyed the music. I think they should consider creating a music mix for this special menu or something like that, record it on a CD and let people buy their souvenir from The Clumsies.  (Just a thought 🙂 

I’d definitely go back next summer, maybe it’s gonna become a habit to celebrate beautiful days and nights in my beloved Athens also by visiting The Clumsies. 

By the way, you can locate them at this address :

30, Praxitelous Street, Athens.

I won’t write about anything that you can already find on their site :

So, these being said…I can’t finish this mini-review without mentioning the cherry on the cake : they have some of the best bartenders in the world! How cool is that?!? 

Go on, book a flight ticket to Athens, then find The Clumsies. It’s all worth it. Blogger’s honor 😉

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