East European Comic Con 2015 – Third time’s a charm

Discovering two great men: Manu Bennett and our very own Romanian Andrei Irode, founder and CEO of Black Hawk SecurityAs media partner of this year’s East European Comic Con and as accredited press (through our site Edge and Back), there are many perks to the job, you get to meet so many friendly people, see old friends and make new and surprising ones, which brings me to the core of this piece of article. 

Together with Ioana, we had the pleasure of experiencing Manu Bennett’s panels, who basically left us pretty speechless. Let me tell you why. First off, I guess we all know the man is handsome,strong and a disciplined sportsman (he’s got the body to prove it). On the other hand, what I personally wasn’t familiar with, was his extraordinary story-telling ability. He is a one man-show as he proved time and time again during the EECC’s three days. Albeit tired and jet-lagged, he got on that stage and owned it. He made us all clap, laugh and proceeded to teach us the Haka (a traditional war dance and challenge originating from the Maori people of New Zealand), which turned out to be a fantastic stress reliever, among other things).

Manu Bennett is known because of his roles in Spartacus, The Hobbit trilogy and Arrow, and is about to grace our screens again very soon, in the upcoming MTV series, Shannara Chronicles. Very excited about that, as Sir John Rhys-Davies (guest at the first ever EECC) is one of his co-stars.


Now, I don’t need to explain to you ladies and gents how the man is built or maybe you have seen that famous photo of him riding a white horse naked? (No? What are you waiting for?!? Go google it!). Ok, that’s just the obvious. He is quite used to having people swooning over him. Let’s leave aside, because I was extremely impressed by his strong stage presence. He is born to be in front of an audience, I understood that from the first minutes of his panel. Mesmerizing and enchanting, exotic, strong and emotional, he is meant to tell stories, whether on screen or simply standing on a stage in an East-European country. All his panels had a full-house and he could have had 30 more, people would have been there time and time again.

Because I’m usually skeptical about all these handsome actors and their acting ability (Tom Hiddleston convinced me hands down when we saw him in London), I enjoy being proven wrong. Mr.Bennett did just that too. I was standing right next to the stage and I heard and felt all his heart and soul in the stories he shared with us. If only for this,we thank you for visiting our country. He created happiness and fun with the simplest of ways,story-telling.

Manu Bennett, Romania is ready for another visit of yours.

I couldn’t write this without mentioning Andrei Irode. Most of us know of him, so I guess it’s safe to say Black Hawk Security’s CEO is a popular man in Romania and abroad. I only met him personally almost by accident, as I was interviewing Osric Chau.

Andrei is strong, professional and pure fun. There is such focus in his eyes, that “Black Hawk” is the perfect name for his business. I chatted only briefly with him but he “had” me at his sense of humor and modesty.


Looking back, Manu and Andrei were a good combination of two cultures, civilizations, histories and characters. They worked together well, they had fun and most importantly they became friends. Because friendship is what it’s all about.

I very much hope to see more of them both, soon, very soon. I would have so much to talk about with them and something tells me we would have a blast. Romania needs to recognize quality above quantity before it’s too late.

Thanks to a very good planning and organizing, this year’s EECC was the best one yet. Things ran smoothly and most attendants, visitors, exhibitors were glad to be there. We really want to support this wonderful event as much as we can, as it is becoming a reference point for all Geeks, gamers, cosplayers from Europe and abroad.

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