#HelloPronoviasBerlin – official opening of the flagship store

I was between the lucky ones to attend the opening cocktail party of the Pronovias flagship store tonight. In a few words glitz, glamour, white dreams and beautiful flowers to go with them. The store was packed with guests, some German, some international and I guess it’s safe to say I was the only Romanian here. I absolutely loved the music, the cocktails and the catering. Everything was in perfect accordance with the glamorous atmosphere. I spotted also a few brides to be, excited to touch, feel and even “smell”the beautiful dresses. 

The cocktails, the bridal dresses and the frocks were fit for princesses. Once you step in the store, no matter how and what you were five minutes before, you would become the princess you always dreamed to be. Impeccably chosen accessories, gorgeous tiaras, delicate flowers and pure white. Do I seem like I got into the wedding fever? Well, I partially did, also because ever since I was a kid, I always dreamed of becoming a wedding planner. Making people happy? That’s a big dream, I fantasized a lot about it and I even used to create “custom made wedding plans”, just to put my ideas to good use. As the years passed, I slowly moved away from the wedding industry but I stayed I touch with people, gravitating towards PR. I actually thought about doing PR for bridal stores, so who knows, maybe in the future?

But back to all this gorgeousness that I am witnessing right now, because I’m writing the article being right in the middle of the party, enjoying a pistachio macaron to match my dress.

As you can see from the photos I took, the store’s arrangements look impeccable. Everything is color-coordinated and it’s inviting you to try on a dress, even for the sake of it, even if you’re not getting married any time soon.

As I’m sipping my cocktail, I’m trying to gather my thoughts and enjoy the moment. I can’t help but notice that most women feel just like a kid in a candy store, myself included. I should mention that the event was just as impeccable as those outfits hanging around me. My name was on all the guest lists and I received as a gift a beautiful Pronovias notebook to write down all my future ideas and maybe also a dress fitting.

I was also escorted to personally meet Silvia Desvalls, E-PR and Social Media Manager for Pronovias who came with her colleagues all the way from Waylon Barcelona to attend the event. The three lovely ladies and I chatted a bit about our PR agency and the store and although the conversation lasted only a few minutes, I was very pleased to meet them.

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I spent an hour in the store, mingling around and seeing how the Pronovias dresses look in reality. Let me tell you, photos don’t do them any justice. Their price range is flexible enough to fit all pockets and budgets and the fitting experience is glamorous and seductive. It’s made for you to “say yes to the dress”, to quote a popular reality series.

I left the store with a big smile on my face and the feeling that I undertook what Pronovias stands for: glamour and no superficiality.


photos by Miriam Mircea

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