Queen + Adam Lambert in Bucharest. My kind of magic

Hello boys and girls and welcome to a premiere here, on Edge and Back. Yeah, I’m gonna say some awesome shit about a concert I’ve waited for a long time and I won’t give a flying fuck about what others are in the mood to bitch about. 

You see … after the concert, I had the “marvelous” idea of lurking and reading some “honest” opinions of some Romanian “specialists”. Boy, was I wrong to do that shit! Well, it didn’t come as a surprise, the national sport in Romania is not soccer – you’ve seen how “good” we are in the past days. No. It’s giving the occasional two cents on every fucking thing, from politics to why the fuck is the door painted dark brown instead of chocolate moccabullshit. We’re the fucking masters of pros and cons and yapping on arguments ’til Kingdom comes. The same shit went on about this concert.

Freddie Mercury is dead and if I had the chance to give my soul to a crossroad demon to be able to travel back in time and see him live on Wembley, I would do it in a heart-beat.

Adam Lambert said during the concert he’s not Freddie but he’s a fan and he fucking sang his heart and soul on the stage. I know it might not sit well for some of the “authorities” who preach the proverbial shit online. Give us a fucking break and stick to the fucking barters, preach to your minions and crawl back to your sad little corner from which you love to spew filth simply because it brings likes and shares!

Alright! With that out of my chest, let’s get down to business.

I’ve bought my ticket – Golden circle – last year, the moment the concert was officially announced and I’ve waited patiently. I even took a few days off from work to be in the mood and chill after the concert – whomever might say I don’t plan ahead, you’re fucking wrong! For the shit I love, I’m scary when it comes down to details. Just ask my Marvel buddies.

June 21st, 2016. I day hotter than Momma June’s knickers after power yoga – I’m re-watching “Deadpool” while penning this spectacular shit. I wanted to go early and find a good spot but the thought of facing the heat wave and thrown down hard earned cash on water sold at 7,5 lei made me reconsider. I stayed indoor and left the crib at around 7PM fully hydrated.

After I got inside the pen, I made my way to the get some fucking water and I mentally began to calculate sips per song per minutes so I could cling to 400ml of beverage for the next 3 hours.

I also got a cozy spot. First line, in front of the fence, on the right side of the stage. Spot on and perfect!

By the time I settled down, I began to process some moods rolling down inside my head together with the sweat and the need to move inside a shower. I had no smokes handy and the need for nicotine was making me want to smooch the air out of some fellows. Yeah, didn’t happen. I went to the concert with enough money for a cab back home and the cellphone which ended up in my bra for the rest of the concert so I could dance without worrying of losing my precious. No place for smokes and a lighter!

I didn’t get to see the other bands perform before Queen and Adam Lambert – got in to listen a few tunes from Grimus, not bad, I wasn’t a fan of them, I can’t say I they took my breath away but they did the best they could. Thank God it wasn’t Delia on stage or some other Pop Romanian Princess.

At around 9:03 PM Queen and Adam Lambert hit the stage and for the next two hours I was lost in paradise.

I screamed, I danced, I sang along, I probably scarred the life out of two BGS guards making sure everything was ok on our side. Speaking about the BGS guards. These awesome guys gave us bottles of water – yeah, I didn’t had to stick to my calculated glass. I don’t know nor care about the airing of grievances – if they were any – concerning the beverages and food on at the concert. I didn’t come to this concert for food and drinks and knowing the prices I was sticking to the bottles of water I drank back home. But hey, that’s me.

By the way, that is the playlist. I could waste your time with fancy descriptions of Brian May and Roger Taylor’s skills. The fact that the public sang their heart out to every tune. The fact Brian cried when we sang along “Love of my life” – I’d like to think most of us know the song because of Queen not because a beer commercial. The fact, Roger Taylor is a charming, talented entertainer. You might bitch and moan but Adam was done a fantastic job with these songs.

He was cheeky, he is a fan of Queen and Freddie just like all of us and he gave us – together with Brian, Roger and the rest of the band – a magical night that I won’t forget.

Time flew by and many of us didn’t want this show to be over. When “Who wants to live forever” began – a song which carries a personal meaning for my family – I called my folks and brought them close to what was going on. I might have cried. I don’t fucking know anymore. It was beyond words and any crafty terms of endearment. I was travelling back in time when I was listening to these song with my dad and translating them, understanding the meaning of the words and the message this band delivered. To this day, “Innuendo” and “Made in Heaven” are two albums I can’t listen without bursting to tears. I grow up listening to “Queen”, I’ve learned English with Queen’s songs – also with the help of Oliver Stone and Kenneth Branagh.

I wish I could make you feel the way I felt last night. Joy, sadness, all rolled into one fucking, unbelievable emotion.

I’ve waited my whole to see Queen on stage and I was finally there. Singing my heart out and watching the pros deliver a great show.

I don’t give a fuck about what others rant about. I don’t give a fuck on their frustrated opinions – I’ve read a couple by the time this sassy shit was being typed.

All I care about is that I had the chance to cross one item off my bucket list.

Thank you Queen! Thank you Adam Lambert! Thank you for the memories!


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P.S. the sound and other tech shit were fine and dandy from my corner and nope, I didn’t get any photos or videos, I was there to listen and feel the concert not to check on my phone battery and bitch about the charger.

photos source: Rock FM and EMAGIC

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