The super-power(s) behind Pronovias 2017 collection

On the 30th of March 2016, I had the pleasure to attend the exclusive presentation of the Pronovias preview 2017 collection, at their flagship store in Berlin. 

As I attended the store’s opening party last year in July, I was more than excited to be back last week between all those amazing creations. On the way to Berlin, I was trying to imagine what would they come up with next, how could they surprise and impress the modern bride of our times. And I have to admit that what I’ve seen on Wednesday exceeded all my wildest thoughts.

First of all, I have to mention that the photos I took don’t do justice to those wonderful dresses. I guess one would understand best what I mean only if they could be able to touch the fabrics, admire from up close the delicate beading and sewing and simply dive for a few hours into a world of beauty, class and sass.

The event was very exclusive, planned so that every guest would have enough time to see all the dresses, enjoy some good champagne and the sweets bar and asks as many questions as they would want to.

I arrived a bit after the established time, and as soon as the door opened, I was immediately blown away by the classic yet modern yet simple yet sophisticated dresses.

The store manager greeted me upon my arrival and I had the pleasure of meeting the lovely Judith Pelejero Sala, responsible for social media, the one who personally invited me to the event.

Maybe you don’t know where or how the shop looks, so what I can tell you is that it’s an island of delicate beauty in the middle of an energetic, alive and powerful Berlin.

I had just enough time to allow myself to daydream and imagine how I would look like in a bridal or cocktail dress. What Pronovias brings new and fresh to the scene is the emphasis on the back of the dresses. All the pain-staking work was done in order to switch the focus from the overrated cleavage and bust areas to parts of the female body which don’t normally get so much attention.

And I was literally speechless when I saw how beautiful the details were. It almost made me feel like I would want to walk backwards, for everyone to admire my back and not just my face and front 🙂


As you can see in the photos, the female neck and back regain their seducing power  in this collection. One might think that dresses are too simple for a marriage ceremony, just by looking at the front but trust me, once you see their backs, you wouldn’t know how to buy one faster.

I feel the need to insert here a small specification. If you are (hopefully) avid readers of our site, movie reviews and articles, you surely know by now that we specialize in comics, super heroes, cosplay. And so the logical question follows, what connection would a site like ours have with Pronovias? Well, let me answer that for you, if I may. Go visit and have a look at this latest collection. I, for one, immediately got the impression of looking at super- hero capes. Hold on, don’t dismiss it till I get to explain.

So, check out the dresses, their appearance, the way they literally flow and are so fluent, they hug the body just like an invincible super- suit. Do you see it now? Because this is the first thing that came to my mind as I was going from dress to dress.

During my quite long and captivating talk with Judith, she kindly explained to me in detail the concept that went behind these gowns. I fully agreed with her, it’s time to literally bring the back back. And Pronovias’ newest collection does that successfully.

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Back to my super-hero idea, which might leave people a bit disappointed or amazed. As I was describing this feeling of mine to Judith, I knew I could easily compare all women to super-heroes, on a day to day basis. But what makes these dresses so special is the “power” they give someone, to really feel so unique and special, on that one day which celebrates love, pure emotions and joy.

I believe that putting on such a beautifully crafted dress is just like Superman or Wonder Woman slipping into their suits. Because we all deserve to be our own hero, at least for one day.

Visit and their shops, for a one of a kind experience. I promise it’s worth it!

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